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Barb Dolynchuk

Prosport offers comprehensive nutrition counselling to residents of Red Deer and the many communities throughout Central Alberta.

Registered Dietitian Barb Dolynchuk will be your guide and partner in helping you achieve your weight or body composition goals. She offers comprehensive nutrition counselling using a realistic and evidence based approach. She specializes in weight loss and sport nutrition but offers her counselling services in almost all areas of nutrition.

Prosport uses cutting edge BIA Inbody Technology that can measure even the slightest changes in body composition and resting metabolic rate in a simple, fast and non-invasive way!

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NGx – Genetic Test to Optimize Sport Performance

Check out our new services

NGx - Genetic Testing for Personalized Nutrition

Maximizing Your Potential through the Prosport Program

Proper nutrition has the power to secure health, boost energy and promote a greater quality of life. With the various Prosport Programs, elite and recreational athletes can maximize their energy, agility and speed. The properly fuelled and hydrated body is a great machine, capable of achieving great heights!


Weight Loss

Are you tired, confused and/or frustrated of reading about “diets” on the internet, in books, and magazines? It seems that every trainer, coach and friend is a nutrition “expert”. This is frequently not the case. As a registered dietitian, Barb offers an honest service, empowering you to make healthy lifestyle choices in conjunction with following a balanced meal plan that allows you to lose weight in a common sense way. Contact Barb to help you lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle at the same time.

Sport Nutrition

Having been committed to her own nutritional health and fitness, Barb is keenly interested in sport nutrition. She has achieved additional training in this area and keeps up with changes and updates about this topic on an ongoing basis. Train your digestive system to eat what your body needs before, during and after sport in order to avoid injury and perform your best with optimal energy levels. 

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Use what you eat and drink to your advantage - Get helpful diet tips Barb Dolynchuk has close to 20 years experience in the health industry - Learn more about Barb
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