Answering Your Nutrition Questions

Let Barb sort out your nutrition confusion and empower you with the knowledge you need to eat for all your energy and health needs. She covers almost all nutrition topics including lifestyle/health and health conditions/disease. Some of these include weight change, nutrition for your genes, vegan and vegetarian nutrition, heart health, sport nutrition and bodybuilding, Diabetes (insulin and non-insulin dependent), IBS, Celiac Disease, food allergies and more. Individual counselling, group and team workshops, as well as presentations and corporate seminars are available.

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Weight Loss or Gain

With the availability of the internet and so many “experts” in the nutrition field, there is an ever increasing number of fad diets selling endless types of expensive products with statistically unfavorable results. Barb specializes in helping people achieve sustainable and healthy weight change. She promotes a healthy eating pattern designed to meet all nutrient requirements as well as weight change goals.

Macros: An Individual Approach
Barb believes that carbohydrate requirements vary widely for the individual person and she customizes carbohydrate intake accordingly. Although many people are fine on moderate-to high carbohydrate intakes, some people have difficulties metabolizing them and need smaller amounts. Hence low to very low carbohydrate eating patterns and lifestyles are appropriate in these situations.

Dietary Supplements - When and how much is OK?

Is there a place for supplements in our diet? The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar business promoting unproven products to athletes looking for a performance edge or non-athletes looking to jumpstart their diet. Often the purity and effectiveness of supplements cannot be guaranteed and naïve consumption of these products can lead to health issues and, in the case of athletes, possible performance disqualification. Let Barb evaluate and advise which supplements are safe and will contribute to your health and well-being.

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